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These loads were all developed in CBC (Magtech) once-fired brass, with Hodgdon CFE Pistol and CCI 500 Primers. Hodgdon lists a starting charge of 5.3 grains of CFE Pistol for a 115JHP, but this is seated much longer, and since I did not have the These were fired from the CZ 75B. Chrono Data

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The LEE load manual gives: Win 231, 115gr FMJ. Wobbly, it's not listed on the Hogdon site , only JHP/Lrn. I have no idea why. WSF is listed with FMJ.

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Oct 18, 2018 · Other than the gun, the bullet is probably the most important component in accuracy. In the 115-grain category, the Sierra JHP bullet was the most consistently accurate. In the 124/125-grain group, the Hornady HAP and Sierra JHP bullets were notable. The .38 Super can use jacketed bullets ranging from 0.355 to 0.357 inch.

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As data comes in on the SIG rounds, I will happily include the rounds as a recommended load if the information is positive. Keep in mind that the ammunition has several things going in its favor including flawless reliability in my test firearms and the bullet being designed by Sierra – one of the top bullet manufacturers.

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Mar 19, 2010 · I've worked up loads by running 2.7 to 3.2 grains in .1 gr increments over a chrono. I'm getting a consistant 880 ft/sec at the muzzle with 2.8 gr of Titegroup to make a 130 PF. OAL is 1.10. I'm running CZ's, so these need to be short in order to pass the plunk test. Cast and powder coat data should be interchangeable.

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The load data contained in this document is intended for use with specific components. Other manufacturers components may not produce equivalent pressure or velocities; therefore, it is recommended that the user be familiar with the basic rules of reloading safety. Safety folders are available from the

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SIERRA 50(.500) 350gr JHP BULLET SPORT MASTER 50/bx. Be the first to review this product . $72.49. Add to Cart. ... Load cost calculator Annealing settings guide.

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9 mm Luger - Manufacturer Loading Data. 115 gr. Lead RN (Laser Cast, Oregon Trail Bullet Company). WIN WSP. JHP (Sierra). WIN WSP. Competition (Ramshot).

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This data can be used with the 240 gr. Sierra JHP, 250 XTP and 260 Speer JHP STARTING LOADS MAXIMUM LOADS BULLET POWDER GRS. VEL CUP POWDER GRS VEL CUP 310 cast H-110 21.5 1109 24,400 H-110 23.5 1316 32,000

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I came across the load data on 115 gr JHP in the Lee Load data for the .380. This is a 9mm bullet, but they list the 115 gr over 2.7 gr Bullseye. I loaded some up. I hope to get my son out to chorno the velocity, however...

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The Source, powered by Sierra Wireless, is the hub for IoT support. Download user guides, firmware, software, configurations, codes, and more. Discover how Sierra Wireless Octave combined with Losant's IoT Enterprise platform can be used to simplify the building of IoT applications for utilities.
With data for two dozen powders, this provides suggested loads for Sierra’s entire 6mm bullet line-up from 55 to 107 grains. .243 Win For Tactical Comps We asked GA Precision’s George Gardner why he chose .243 Winchester for his Tactical Comp Gun.
Mar 19, 2010 · The Sierra bullets are just a little shorter so I was wondering what to do. The best data I was able to get on the web is this: Bullet: 9mm Sierra 115-gr. JHP Powder: Unique, 4.9 gr. COAL: 1.050" Does the COL really matter when using a shorter projectile? I'm not looking for fps accuracy but rather a safe round to fire.
45 Auto (ACP) Handgun Cartridge by Nosler Inc. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: The 45 ACP is a great choice for competitive shooters and plinkers alike.
There are many different 9mm cartridges in the world, but not all of them use bullets of .355 inch diameter. Be sure that the handgun cartridge for which you are loading uses .355 inch diameter bullets. The 115 grain #8110 bullets were originally introduced in the hollow cavity (JHC) design in 1970, but the design was changed in 1983 to the current hollow point (JHP) to enhance feeding in semi ...

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How something about the pod could have affected its velocity change.
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Jun 02, 2013 · Also I found on another web site a 115 load using 800-X From 5.5 grains to 6.5 grains but the bullet type wasn't listed as in JHP, FMJ etc. Have any of you used 800X in your 9mm loads? It seems that this powder is listed more often when you get into the larger bullets.
The Source, powered by Sierra Wireless, is the hub for IoT support. Download user guides, firmware, software, configurations, codes, and more. Discover how Sierra Wireless Octave combined with Losant's IoT Enterprise platform can be used to simplify the building of IoT applications for utilities.Sep 12, 2015 · Their 147gr load is excellent and highly recommended by various ballistics experts. This is a list from Dr. G. K. Roberts whose mentor was Dr. Fackler: "The following loads all demonstrate outstanding terminal performance and can be considered acceptable for duty/self-defense use: 9 mm: Barnes XPB 115 gr JHP (copper bullet)