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File’Wiik Haplogroup R1a’ Originally ’Y-haploryhmä R1a kuvat engl’ February 2012 Haplogroup R1a Maps and Tables Main question: What is the origin of Finnish R1a-men? Have they come from the west or east? Contents 1. Geographic distribution and frequences of R1a-men in various parts of the world and their potential migration routes 4 2a.

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I do find that cluster of R1b quite interesting. My thought is that it represents a very ancient migration and conquest. It would be amazing if we had written records of it. Indeed, if you look at the rest of the map, you can see traces of migrations and conquest that we have no other record of. It's all very tantalising.

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Nov 05, 2009 · This map clearly shows that the expansion time of this haplogroup originating around the Indus Valley. at 9:06 PM Labels: Aryan invasion , dna , gene flow , genealogy , haplogroup , Indo-European , indus valley , R1a1 , Y chromosome

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M17, the defining marker of haplogroup R1a1, M17 (Subclade R1a1a, M198). If you look at the map highlighting your ancestors' route, you will see that members of haplogroup R1a1, M17 (Subclade R1a1a, M198) carry the following Y-chromosome markers: M168 > P143 > M89 > L15 > M9 > M45 > M207 > M173 > SRY10831.2 > M17

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Since my predicted Haplogroup is R1b, that migration is the default migration path depicted in my case (the dark gray lines/boxes/circles). ( see screenshot from my computer to the right ) You can bring up additional information by hovering your mouse over the colored dots on the map (which represent the main yDNA Haplogroups).

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May 2, 2019 - Explore Brian McMichael's board "Y-DNA R1b L21 Genetic Genealogy" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Historical maps, Genealogy, History.

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Jul 18, 2011 · We are from the paternal Y-haplogroup R1b, The ARTISIANS! Our paternal ancestors were most likely responsible for the first cave drawings found in France, Portugal, and Spain. Our specific haplogroup is R1b1b2, and is only 4,000-10,000 years old.

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R1b-U106 Y-DNA Haplogroup - mtDNA Member Distribution Map Our direct maternal ancestors have passed on their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) generation after generation. All lines began with our common maternal ancestor in Africa.

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Eupedia Home > Genetics > Haplogroups (home) > Haplogroup R1b Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA) Content 1. Geographic distribution 2. Subclades 3. Origins & History Paleolithic origins Neolithic cattle herders The Pontic-Caspian Steppe & the Indo-Europeans The Maykop culture, the R1b link to the steppe ? R1b migration map The Siberian & Central Asian branch

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Maciamo's map doesn't show R1b's main migration path into SE Europe until L23+ L51-, which seems correct. At the ht35 Project you can see that the earlier L23- clades are present in Ukraine and the Caucasus, as his map shows.

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Haplogroup J2a ... Haplogroup J2a
Feb 4, 2017 - Explore Shane Egan's board "r1b haplogroup" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Historical maps, Cartography, Europe map.
Jul 6, 2020 - Explore Robert Stephenson's board "Haplogroup Maps" on Pinterest. See more ideas about historical maps, dna genealogy, map.
The majority of western European males belonged to Y-haplogroup I and northeast Europeans to haplogroup R1a. Other minor male lineages such as R1b, G, J, T and E would also have been present in Europe, having migrated from the Asian Steppe, the Middle East and North Africa. The second map shows Europe around 2000 BC.
Jan 28, 2007 · The steep north-south cline of R1b is probably also due in part to migratory inflows from Mediterranean, which resulted in haplgroups E3b and J2 diluting the frequency of R1b in southern Italy. This can be seen in the map on the left, in which the combined frequency of haplogroups E3b and J2 is shown.

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haplogroup R1b that was passed from the grandparent [Amenhotep III] to the father [KV55, Akhenaten] to the grandchild [Tutankhamen]. The maternal lineage, the mitochondrial haplogroup K, extended from the great-grandmother [Thuya] to
– 7 are Haplogroup G (G2a) (Med) – 10 are Haplogroup I • 5 are I2 (Med) • 5 are I1 – 6 are Haplogroup J (J2a1) (Med) – 54 are Haplogroup R1 • 53 R1b (Western Europe) • 1 R1a – 2 are Haplogroup T (Med/ N African) 101 are European, Middle Eastern, North Feb 02, 2010 · A worldwide phylogeographic analysis of the R1b haplogroup provided strong support to the Asia-to-Africa back-migration hypothesis. The analysis of the distribution of the R-V88 haplogroup in >1800 males from 69 African populations revealed a striking genetic contiguity between the Chadic-speaking peoples from the central Sahel and several ...